Coding is Life


Coding is everywhere!!!

What does it mean to code?

Coding is the future's way of thinking. Coding is everywhere and in every device around you because coders make the video games we play and the phones and devices we use. Even engineers and coders work together to make robots the future of 2023. Coding is everywhere, and everything we own has a little bit of code inside of it. When you code, you control the website or a new app. Coding is more than just "I'm going to build a website," it takes time. It's a neverending process. Software Engineers are people who create new ideas, new websites, and new apps. These people have a natural born passion to code, plus we get a lot of money for what we do. So what does it mean to code to you?

Examples of Coding

Coding refers to many different things such as making a website or making an app and getting crazy rich. There are also different types of languages in coding, such as HTML. When you go on a website and just see words, that's HTML. Javascript is when you go on an interactive website and ads pop up. It's pretty annoying, but that's Javascript. Another language is CSS. It's the way we customize our website to make it have a personal edge or style.

How to Guide on Coding

If you want to code, you have to learn the basics, such as the "div" element. Div elements allow you to customize any part of your website or app. If you want to center a picture, you can use a div element.

Another basic element is the "img." This element allows you to insert photos.

You can use CSS to style these elements and others.

Another example is the B element. This allows you to make your word or statement bold. Another element is I. This element allows you to do italics. The last basic element for HTML is Underline, which is U. U allows you to underline statements in your work.

One more example of basic coding in CSS is "text-align: center." This statement makes sure that all your pictures are centered.

Without these elements for basic coding, you will not have a perfect app or website like Snapchat, Instagram, and

Coding the future

Coding is the future of civilization. Coding is what we as the people will totally use when we're in the future, and if you already know how to code, then you have a head start. Also that process is what we will be using to our trip to Mars, because in 50-60 years lots of people will be living in Mars only if they can afford it.

Coding is a process, but by the time the future is here we will be making games and programs in seconds. Coding is a very important part of humanity and the Future of Earth and Mars. And in the future is very close.

Why is Coding important?

Coding is important because wihout coders there would be no games, no phones, no televisions,and no apps. Coders help build the future with there knowledege of Technology. If everyone in the world we're intrested in coding and could code really well our present would be our future. Coding is very important because technology is everywhere and we need a prcess to make all the apps we download on our phone or any device happen. Coding is the next genarations way of thinking and if we do not use that process soon the future will not be acurate to the way people belive.

Coding to me

Coding to me is more than just im going to build a cool website or app and getting paid for it. Coding is more than that its a process it takes time and effort. I dont just start building a website I think about it. I have been coding since I was in the 3rd grade I have learned so much and have exeled. Now I am in a group called Nano hackers that is teaching me everything I need to know. I also have a touter named Cary she used to be my coding teacher but now she is my coding mentor. Cary helped me for the longest and I really apriciate that, my coding friends and teachers are like family to me and as I excel I will get better and much more experienced in this field. Sice I am coding at a young age I will benifit from my opportunities, but for people all around the world I would suggest you get a early head start on this program.