Suma's Cheer Life

Cheerleading at the Church!!!

I was so late I would have to do so many laps around the block. My mother was going in the bank and when I saw the clock...5:55!!!

I said, "Dad drive! If you dont leave now, I will have to condition like crazy."

Once I got there, it was 6:00. Good, I was on time.

We did squats, pushups, V ups and 10 all my lifes, which is a exercise we do. Then we all broke up into divisions such as 8 youth,10 youth, and 12 youth. I learned a new part for my step, and showcase is so close I have to practice hard in order to win. After practice we showed all the of the other divisions what we learned. We said our ending statement, which is TITANS WHAT ARE WE HERE FOR: ONE TEAM, ONE VISION, ONE GOAL. And that was a pretty good practice. This was made 9/1/16

Goodbye Coach but not forever

Today was a sad day. Coach Errianna was leaving to go to college it was her day so the cheer team made it memorable today was friday and we were at the field we did dance and i was the center. In cheerleading that means alot. Anyway we did showoff when we show the other divisions what we did. When coach Errianna went to the bathroom and came back we suprised her with a big cake and a basket of things she will need we were all happy for her but very sad but we never say goodbye.

Cheer Camp!!!

Today was cheer camp we stayed in the woods and awsome cabins for 5 days! Once we got to the field it started to pour. we waited till the rain calmed down and we went on the bus. 3 hours later still on the bus we havent left yet. By the time we got there it was night time. We had to walk a half a mile just to get there. It was very dark by the time we got to the camp site it was time for bed.